To the Mountains that stole our hearts

April 10, 2017 9:46 pm

A small startup company with a team of excited skiers and boarders wanting to get you outside and on the hills for your perfect day. We needed the support of local ski resorts, board shops, skiers and snowboarders – and we got it. Thank you to the first resorts that said YES to being a part of our start up year. For updating early in the morning so we could get Raus users waking up and out on the slopes and for continuing to give us feedback to make this App the best it can be.

So here’s to a few of the many Canadian resorts that stole our cold, windburned and winter loving frosted hearts.

  1. Hudson Bay Mountain – If you’ve been one of the lucky people to have traveled North to Smithers and no doubt to Hudson Bay Mountain then you know how they stole these cold, cold hearts of ours. Hudson Bay Mountain is a community of snow enthusiasts that are so darn proud of their mountain, you can’t help but feel it too. The Hudson Bay Team was updating Raus every morning (yep even on Christmas and New Years day) so that YOU wouldn’t miss out on an amazing snow day.

  2. Baldy Mountain – A Mountain revival! This Mountain is nestled in the hills of the Southern Okanagan Valley. After laying dormant for the last couple years – Baldy woke up and reminded us what was so special about them. Its a place that has been described as “A place that is huge for its size.. ” Welcome back Baldy – we cant wait to see what you have in store.

  3. Apex – They describe themselves as “… the best ski hill you’ve never heard of ” Located in the South Okanagan, this resorts boasts of steep terrain, champagne powder & non-existent lift lines. Apex hopped on board with Raus right away and we couldn’t have been happier.

  4. Red Mountain – We wrote a whole post about this Mountain, that’s how much heart they stole! Rossland and Red are the kind of place that you tell people about but even when your talking – it sounds made up – a story thats been spun but its not – it really is that great. Its the people, the snow, the mountain and the way of life in Rossland that have us counting down the days until these lifts start spinning again. #tosoon?

  5. Manning Park – The Resort is ideally situated for your escape away from the hustle and bustle of of city life. If you are a mountain enthusiast there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Okanagan Champagne powder, Manning Park gets the goods and boasts as being the Vancouvers’ closest resort to this amazing snow. If you want to sneak away and see a more laid back style – Manning Park is where you want to be.

So to you – the Mountains that stole our hearts – Thank you. We can’t wait to grow with you as Raus becomes bigger and better. Never forgetting the Mountains that helped us get here.

Cheers to you,

The Raus Team.

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