Getting there

February 5, 2018 5:45 pm

Planning… its part of the adventure. Where to go and how to get there.

Not sure about you, but most weekends (and lets be honest a couple week days too) you can find us at our home resort. However, there’s something special about having the chance to explore new mountains.  In late February we’re going to be cruising around to a couple different areas and exploring their mountains. We want to hear from you where your favorite areas are, why and the best places to eat while we’re there.

We will be :

  1. In the Okanagan Valley (shocking! We live in Kelowna so this is going to be a biiiiiig travel weekend for us)
  2. BC Coastal Area
  3. Rockies

What are your favorites in these areas?

What we’ll be taking with us :

  1. Shovel for digging ourselves and other out
  2. A candle – read once that if you get stuck overnight … this helps somehow
  3. Our gear obviously – this trip will be a bit different in that we get to load all our gear into our very own Raus Roof Box. Get yours here
  4. In the fall I dehydrated 20,000 apples, so will fill our pockets with snacks.
  5. This sick shot ski we made, helps make friends
  6. Hopefully some friends, new and old. If you’re free to ride and want to show us around your Mountain, we would love to meet you!

So if you could help us out- that would be awesome. Let us know below where your favorite skiing and snowboarding areas are. We’ll be looking for some riding, drinking and dinner buddies along the way as well so if you’re not a creep, let us know and we’ll try and connect! Comment through our Facebook page or Instagram so we’ll be sure to see it!


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