• How the heck do I pronounce Raus?

    Its like Mouse but with an R. Also similar to house, douse or blouse.

  • What does Raus mean?

    Its a German word… so you know its good. It means GET OUT. Like the English word ‘rouse’, Raus also means GET UP so… GET UP AND GET OUT (outside that is).

  • Is Raus a forecast alarm?

    Nope, our data comes directly from the resorts themselves. Forecast alarms already exist and they aren’t as efficient (they kinda suck). We can all remember that one day that it was forecast to snow 20 cms and we show up to a lame 3 cms and fog… No thanks. Or its forecast to snow a measly 5 cms and we wake up to 25 fresh and you end up missing out.

  • Why does Raus exist?

    Raus exists to make your life easier and to get you out for your perfect day, whatever that looks like.

  • How does it work?

    Its simple, select your resort(s), an alarm time and a snow amount (anywhere from 0 cm right up to 100 cm). When it snows and falls within your parameters, your alarm is triggered and wakes you up. This is when you use up those personal days you’ve been saving for just such an occasion. Maybe you only want to go up on the VERY best of Saturdays – set Raus and we’ll let you know when that day is. Flexible work schedule? Let us wake you up and you can head up for the morning and still make it down for your flannel shirt, stretchy toque – coffee house meeting. Raus wakes you up based on the 12hr snowfall amount – because that’s what we care about – those beautiful powder days.

    Select resorts also have deals and promotions available – its up to them to post.

    Save your favorite resorts to find them all on one convenient page.

    Commenting available on each update – We want to know how the snow is from you. Let other users know how the snow is. Got some of that champagne powder? Is the snow fluffy, sticky, icy, feels more like 30cm? Just having fun and want to let more strangers know? Post it! (you do need to be logged in to access commenting)

  • Who is it for?

    Raus is for all snow enthusiasts. Whether you snowboard, ski, sled, snowshoe or just like wandering around in the snow, Raus is for you.