Opening Day

November 23, 2017 6:30 pm

220 sleeps.  That’s how long we’ve been waiting for Big White Ski Resort to open. We’ve been waxing boards and walking around in snowboard and ski boots for months. We’ve stared longingly at snowboards up on our walls and Gore-tex that’s been tucked away and then finally today – we rode.

Although we could’ve used umbrellas first thing this morning, the rain turned to snow. And the snow just kept coming. Opening day always needs to be an adventure and today certainly was. The excitement could be heard as skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts got their first taste of winter. They dusted off the cobwebs for a couple turns and through the rain streaked goggles, we saw a lot of happy faces. We’ve heard rumors of tents set up over night for first chair and all we can say to you is “well done boys”

The ONE boardshop crew showed up in style this morning. In our absolute favorite move, these guys shut down for a half day to get out on the hill together. It’s all about the snow and the mountains. We think that every business should follow the same rules as ONE. This boardshop has a 20 cm rule. If it snows 20 cm in 12 hours, you will find the lights off and doors locked until noon so they can get out and shred. Keep it classy ONE – we love you.

(ONE will be posting sweet deals and promotions this season for Raus users, so keep your eyes on the “OUR DEALS” tab on the app)

We met a couple girls from Nanaimo that are now calling Kelowna home. They also have the worlds hardest names to try and figure out spelling. Keely and Zaynah were pumped to be out on the Mountain today and made sure to book off opening day WAY in advance. Although they mentioned they could’ve done without the wet and sogginess of the morning they were happy to see it puking snow in the afternoon. Way to be troopers you two and make it out for first chair!

You know when you hit up opening day that you’re going to be riding with some of the biggest die hearts out there. Today was no exception. We love meeting the people we’re sharing a mountain with. The 10 minute chairlift convo can often lead to amazing stories or new riding buddies. You might realize that you actually know the person under the mask or maybe they know your brother (hi Aaron)  My favorite person to talk to today though was this guy …

Meet my Dad. This guy has been exploring mountains since he was 8. While I was sitting there complaining that my Gore-tex jacket wasn’t long enough to cover my wet butt he was telling me stories of skiing in blue jeans. “Its only cold for the first couple runs, then they freeze and you’re good to go” Apparently this is something all the “old timers” can attest to. And although he’s come along way from making “tomato” soup from free ketchup and boiling water (gotta save that chedda) he’s still got the same love for Big White. 30 seasons in and he plans to keep coming back!

So Big White, thank you for opening today despite the turn the weather took. We know there are countless powder days around the corner and you’ll see us again. (as in tomorrow and the next day and the next day)




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