Hello Fall

October 2, 2017 7:14 pm

We’ve been ripping off the pages of each month, eagerly anticipating the start of another season. As the days get colder and the darkness sets in a whole lot earlier – we’re sitting over here dreaming of powder days and frosted hair tips.

As the weather sits in the high 10’s we’re starting to prep for winter. Here’s a fantastic list of ways you can get ready for the season

  1. Sit in an ice bath to really prep for those -30 days
  2. 93 minutes of alternating squats and lunges to get them legs nice and prepped
  3. Stop showering
  4. Freshen up on your mountain lingo. Make sure you’re ready for them “gnar waist deep blower pow” days
  5. Spend all your monies on the newest latest and greatest gear or alternatively hit up the thrift store and buy Grandpa Ricks 1,000mm waterproof neon onsie
  6. No more hair cuts
  7. Start hiding $5 bills in snowboard pants and random jacket pockets (you’ll thank us later)
  8. Prep for powder days by leaving your friends mid hangout and not texting until 4 hours later
  9. Hit up the tanning salon wearing only your goggles. (gotta look the part)
  10. Prep list of sick day excuses for powder days
  11.  Download Raus and wait for them sweet powder alarms to go off. Time to let you in on a little secret. Raus has a “deals near you”section available this year. We’re reaching out to local board shops, sled rentals, pubs, coffee shops, ski resorts for discounted lift tickets and everything in between to score you sweet deals while you hit the slopes (or are at home just chilling)

Apple / Android

Our official re-launch of the app is still a couple weeks away so if you download it now you’ll get to see the updating processing as we continue to make Raus more badass and better for you. If there’s a resort you don’t see on Raus and would like to- do the following; Let us know and let that resort know too! Chances are we’ve reached out to them and received a stone cold response!

Now… lets wait for snow.



Email info@raus.io to send us your resort dream list. ALSO you should follow along on Instagram

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