About us

We are a group of passionate skier and snowboarders wanting to encourage people to go on adventures, get outside and explore more. We hate missing out and created Raus to help others from missing out too. Raus is us, its who we are and our lifestyle.

We started Raus in early 2016. After a 50 cm day that shut down our small(ish) town, closed schools and caused a few of us to call in sick for work (cough cough) We decided that no one should miss out on days like this. After an amazing powder day with old friends and new friends we came up with the idea of Raus. Now to be fair – it didn’t all happen right away. After searching for the right people to work with, crashes and a lot of NO’s (but juuuuust enough YES’s) , we proudly launched Raus in December of 2016. At the time it was just 2 people and a fantastic development team. We poured our heart and soul into it for that first season. We had amazing resorts that supported us and continue to support us to this day. As the user base for Raus grew and more people started hearing about it and passing it along, our vision for what Raus could be grew too. We finished an amazing start-up season and celebrated a year under our belts.


So now as we head into our second season, we invite you to grow with us. Whether you’re a skier, boarder, sledder, ski resort or retail – we would love to have you along this crazy journey of ours. Now, let’s get Raused

See you on the slopes.